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10,000 loan – is it possible? A loan without benefit in kind

Analyzing the data of the National Information Bureau published in the report, we will notice that the average value of consumer credit granted in 2018 by the bank was PLN 10,734, and the loan granted by a non-banking company PLN 2,278. On average, therefore, we incur a 4-fold lower liability on the non-banking market. And if I would like to apply for a 10,000 PLN loan at a non-bank company. Will the market find an offer for me?

Bank higher amounts, non-banking institution lower

Bank higher amounts, non-banking institution lower

Having creditworthiness should not be a problem, finding a cash loan in the bank for the amount of e.g. PLN 100,000. In a non-bank company it is practically impossible if I am an individual customer. Why? By definition, the bank finances customers with a lower risk level. The banking wallet is characterized by better repayment. The bank also has lower costs of raising capital. He can therefore afford credit for higher amounts. A client who finances on the non-banking market statistically more often does not give up his commitment. He also sometimes defaults in payment of the installment. In addition, non-bank companies borrow money mostly in banks, investment funds and securitization funds. The cost of such capital is more expensive than the cost of raising money by the bank.

10,000 PLN loan – where can I apply?

10,000 PLN loan - where can I apply?

The average loan amount on the non-banking market does not look impressive. However, this does not mean that we will not find companies that give higher amounts. The record holder is probably Euroloan – under the Euroloan line the Customer can receive up to PLN 40,000 in loan. Rapida, which gives loans up to PLN 25,000, ranks second on the list. The amount of 20,000 appears in the institution’s offers more often. Further possibilities open for 15,000. Finally, we come to the PLN 10,000 in question.

What requirements do I have to meet to get a loan of 10,000 PLN?

Each company listed in the list has its own rules for granting loans. What requirements I will have to meet to get a loan depends on the particular institution. In some of the listed companies it will be possible to apply for the said amount for the so-called statement. Therefore, the institution will ask the client how much he earns, in which company, where he works and the data he will accept in the assessment of creditworthiness. He may want to confirm it, e.g. by phone to the workplace or the customer. In the case of a certificate, the customer will have to ask at the workplace for a document certifying employment and income.

What about the age criterion?

Companies value the customer who is already working and achieving a stable income. Therefore, few of them finance 18-year-olds. In the group mentioned above there are only five that give a loan from the first day of coming of age. However, to count on the full spectrum of offers, the customer should be at least 25 years old. Liberal companies are more age-wise. A person who has just entered retirement age can count on an offer in virtually all of the above. Most will also give a loan to a customer who is 75 years old. And there will be companies that will finance the 80-year-old.

To apply for a PLN 10,000 non-bank loan, it’s best to be between 25 and 75 years old. For this category, the market has a full spectrum of offers. Of course, there are companies that provide financing to customers over 18 and those over 75.

Loan without BIK for 10,000

Loan without BIK for 10,000

Is it possible to get a 10,000 loan from a company that does not verify BIK? A loan without BIK for 10,000 is possible, but only one of the companies listed above does not check BIK. So if you plan to look for the amount of 10,000 on the market and do not want the lender to ask me at the Credit Information Bureau, I am left with the process .

The loan application process for PLN 10,000

How do you apply for a PLN 10,000 loan? This can of course be done combines a wide range of products for clients with different needs and risk profile. The agent who watches over the correct course of the process works on the sales system, in which he has almost 60 products from various financing institutions. This is a wide offer that allows everyone to tailor the solution.