Appleton Thorn Village Choir members join in support of Mothers of Ukraine


MEMBERS of Appleton Thorn Village Choir are set to join in a fundraising event this Sunday to support mothers and people in Ukraine.

The event, organized by Cantores Oecumenica, dedicates the world premiere of his new work on Palm Sunday (which was due to premiere in 2020) to the Mothers of Ukraine, but will benefit everyone.

Admission is FREE but there will be (as usual) a retirement fundraiser for charity. This year it is for the Ukraine Charity 2022 War Crisis Appeal. The money will be used to provide emergency medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine.

Ukraine Charity says: “The funds will be used to purchase medicines and medical equipment from UK and European suppliers. Donations have already been used to purchase trauma treatment kits, and the list of other essentials to be provided is growing rapidly.

A team of volunteers currently liaises with the Ukrainian national health system and verified local NGOs on the one hand, and with providers who can meet these needs on the other. The focus is currently on first aid. Critical supplies to secure in the next step include portable ventilators, patient monitors, defibrillators, ultrasound diagnostic devices, first aid kits and emergency surgery equipment.

You can support this, whatever your faith or none, by coming to Holy Angels RC Church, Wicker Lane, Hale Barns WA15 0HF on Sunday April 10, 2022 at 4pm to hear ‘Stabat Mater’ a new collaborative work between the musical director of Cantores Oecumenica (Neil Provost) and prolific English composer Robert Steadman will be performed with Jonathan Scott (of the Scott Brothers) on organ, mezzo soprano Joyce Tindsley, baritone Adam Marsden. All the details about where donations can also be made by following the link


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