Blob Chorus Ear Training Product Review


What users like about the app

“I use this app in my music class and the students love it. I have exceptional students and they struggle to hear some of the lower sounds. This game would be perfect if the tones were clearer and if soprano and alto voices were included as an option, plus some tones are 1/4 step apart (a little out of tune) which makes the app hard to match the pitch as it sits between the cracks. Otherwise, it’s a great app and has a lot of benefits.”

“I really like music and I play this app at school. I have this on my iPad because I like playing these kind of games because they are so much fun.

“My kids’ choir goes wild for this game, they ask to play it every week!” It really helped them improve their pitch matching. The only reason I didn’t give five stars is that I wish you could have soprano and alto blobs, it would help match the pitch in their range.

“I am a music teacher and my students love this game! We have contests like a spelling bee to see who can find the right blob.

“I’m a music teacher and I LOVE this game. I wish all my students had an iPad so they could play this game at home. It’s such a cute concept and I love that you can change the level of difficulty. I think the blobs (and exploding blobs) are a nice touch for boys who think the music is too girly. I agree with the reviewer who said it should include some soprano voice. This is the only thing that would make this app PERFECT. My students have to match the pitch in their own range.

What users don’t like about the app

“It’s a great concept for a game/learning tool and could be really useful if a few things changed. I agree with another reviewer who said the easiest settings should use intervals wider and easier to hear (4ths, 5ths, tritones, etc.) Also, the vocal samples used make it very difficult to tell what pitch they’re actually singing in. There’s very wide, uncentered vibrato on a lot of between them, which totally skews the center of the pitch, causing it to sound only about 40 cents from a note that’s probably meant to be half a step away. clearer height, this app would be 10 times better, then I would pay for it.

“It seems like it would be obvious, but here goes: the easiest levels should involve comparing VERY different heights to make it easier. For example, the king blob sings C4. The other blogs sing C4, Bb4 and F3. It is much easier for a new learner to choose the right tone because the other options are obviously far from C4. Move the rating options closer to the correct rating as the game progresses to make it harder. Also, in general, this game should use more range. Untrained ears (especially children) have trouble discerning notes that fall outside their singing range. This game is a great idea, but it might need a few more tweaks to make it really effective.

“The concept is great. Our friend who has a 4 year old loves it. We have 2 and 5 year olds, both very bright who love to play. The 5-year-old picked it up and learned to choose the “incorrect” answers and watch them get crushed. Our 2 year old enjoyed watching it and started walking around saying “blah, blah, blah”. We won’t be using this app after all, maybe at some point down the road.

“I agree with others that it’s a great concept, but it’s poorly executed. My piano students love it but even the best have trouble hearing the notes because the pitches aren’t stable. Please fix it so I can use it again with my students!”

“The sound is not working!” I’ve tried the app on three different devices and the sound doesn’t work on any of them. That’s the only feature this app really needs!”


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