Chester Rock Choir members feature in Christmas single


ROCK choir members, including those from Chester, plan to help the whole country fight loneliness this Christmas.

They will be broadcasting a live and festive Rock Choir singing event from their YouTube channel on Christmas morning, while a Christmas single has been released.

It has been a year when mental health has been in crisis and now more than ever it needs to be prioritized.

More than half (54%) of UK adults worry about the mental health of someone they know at Christmas, according to a survey released by the Mental Health Foundation and since the new Level 4 announcement a record high people expect to spend Christmas alone. year due to the pandemic and the new, more stringent restrictions.

Many members of the Rock Choir have reported high levels of anxiety with the potential of not being able to see their families this Christmas and they are faced with the prospect of being alone.

Rock Choir stepped in again and on Christmas Day they’ll be streamed live at 9:30 am on their YouTube channel for a fun and festive singing session.

Everyone is welcome to participate, whether they are a member of the Rock Choir or not.
Rock Choir leader Thomas George will lead the session and families and singles will be able to exchange messages online with him and connect with other separated families in different households.

Everyone will be able to meet virtually and participate. Some retirement homes have already pledged to broadcast this event to their residents, in their living rooms, on Christmas morning because thousands of people will not be able to receive visitors due to Covid restrictions.

You can join Tom Live on Christmas Day at

The members have just participated in the release of an inspiring and moving Christmas single, a version of ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’.

A total of 4,550 Rock Choir members including Knutsford, Sandbach, Warrington and Chester Choirs, led by Kathryn Davies, feature on the single and each contributed their vocals during the lockdown while many of them protected themselves or were at high risk.

Countless frontline workers, emergency services, NHS, caregivers, teachers and other members who have done vital work throughout the pandemic have been featured on the single.

Their voices, along with an inspiring solo from Rock Choir creator Caroline Redman Lusher, express the hope and dreams of never giving up and keeping their own dreams alive during the challenges of the pandemic and lockdown.

All proceeds from the single will go to the Mental Health Foundation. He’s made some impressive single chart bumps over the past two weeks. They went straight to number one in the iTunes UK “Download” chart, to the “Best Sellers” chart on Amazon Music, to number 3 in Global Radio’s “Big Top 40 Charts” and to number one in official charts download rankings.

You can download Keeping The Dream Alive at


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