Chillicothe Student Resource Officer completes DARE officer training



Chillicothe Student Resource Officer Eric Menconi completed the DARE DOT program on September 24e. DARE DOT stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education DARE Officer Training.

Chillicothe Student Resources Officer, Eric MenconI

Menconi says drug prevention continues to be DARE’s main topic, but the program has grown to cover a wide range of topics. Lessons include dealing with peer pressure and stress, bullying, online safety, and effective communication.

The DARE instructor training involved 80 hours at the Missouri Association of Chiefs of Police in Jefferson City. Menconi reports that in two weeks the class had mastered team building skills, describing, developing and presenting lesson plans designed for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. The program also includes upgrading classes for high school students, parents and other community programs. Class members were invited to Blair Oaks Elementary School where they taught students from grades one to four.

Menconi says he met with administrators and counselors from Chillicothe and Field Elementary Schools on September 27 to start DARE classes starting in October for students in grades one through three. He will also meet with someone at Dewey Elementary to start working on programming for the DARE core curriculum for fifth graders, which Menconi hopes to start in January.

Menconi notes that the goal is to implement programs in every building in the neighborhood from kindergarten to 12e class.

The Hedrick Medical Center Foundation is sponsoring the program and Lindy Chapman organized a fundraiser to kick off the program. As of September 28e, $ 950 had been raised of the $ 3,000 needed for start-up funds. Donations for DARE can be made to the Hedrick Medical Center Foundation, the Chillicothe Police Department, or the Chillicothe R-2 School District.

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