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A new way to support clubs

Frankston City Council has partnered with Sports Community, a leading provider of training and support services to the grassroots sports sector, to provide Frankston City Sports Clubs and their volunteers with a free access to a wide range of support and training resources.

Clubs and their volunteers received free membership in Sports Community’s club squarean online resource library specially created for grassroots clubs and their volunteers.

Club Spot membership includes templates, videos, articles and checklists on topics vital to clubs and their volunteers. Topics clubs can access include how to hold an annual general meeting, how to write a sponsorship proposal, and how to get a grant.

If your sports club would like to know more about Club Spot, contact council recreation team at 1300 322 322.

Toolkit for Inclusive Sports Clubs

Launched on International Women’s Day, Frankston Council’s new ‘Gender Inclusive Sporting Club Toolkit’ has been developed to help clubs assess how welcoming and inclusive their club is to women and girls. The toolkit provides details of the resources available to clubs to help embed positive change and helps identify key actions clubs can take to implement small but powerful changes on the road to equality. .

Club committees are encouraged to use the toolkit which includes a ‘self-assessment tool’, ‘action plan template’ and ‘support resource’ to identify their current strengths and weaknesses and highlight potential areas for improvement.

Check out the launch with special guest speaker Sharni Norder:

If you have any further questions, need help along the way or even to let us know you are starting the journey, please contact the Leisure team on 1300 322 322


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