Cultural events at Cabragh Wetlands



Cabragh Wetlands is and has been host to many great events and cultural groups – and is delighted to be. Culture and nature are inextricably linked and the Cabragh Wetlands Trust is aware of its role in promoting cultural activity in all possible ways.

Here are some great examples of organized groups and activities in Cabragh.

Cabragh Wetlands Writers
The Cabragh Wetlands Writers’ Group was formed in September 2011 with a significant number of men and women – some, already published writers at the time.

Most writers have strong ties to wetlands, as committee members, assistants, or friends.

Their work covers a variety of genres – poetry; short story; novels; writing travel articles and newspapers. From time to time, they undertake writing workshops; and read their work to the public and other groups of writers.

In September 2012, the group – (among other local groups) participated in Joyce’s Ulysses Reading – uninterrupted – at the Source Library, Thurles. This event was hosted by the late Bill Cooke RIP, also a member. The profits were donated to charity. The following is part of a letter sent by Bill, who we miss dearly, to Una Crowe after the event.

Ulysses community reading project
Dear Una,
Please express our sincere thanks to the wonderful members of Wetland Writers who helped read James Joyce’s novel Ulysses. The wonderful contribution you have so graciously made has been greatly appreciated and vital to the success of the program. The enthusiastic readers from so many diverse groups made the end result a resounding success.

The recording was condensed into 11 DVDs of about three hours each. A copy will be presented to the Library / Source in a few weeks. It would be nice if some of Ulysses’ readers could witness this historic event.

Your group might also be interested to know that € 2,226.00 has been raised for Notre Dame Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin. So your diligent preparation, your eloquent speech, and your dedicated reading, aloud, in a public place, all went to a very laudable cause.

On May 25 of this year, while in lockdown, four of our members – Dr Mary Maher; Joséphine Molloy; Mary Finn and Una Crowe have published work in a new collection of Tipperary Poetry and Prose – “AROUND EACH BEND”.

This collection, edited by Margaret Galvin and produced by Tipperary Co. Council was launched at Cabragh Wetlands.

Cabragh Wetlands Choir
During the winter of 2017, a group of friends got together to sing along and share songs. Initially, the weekly sessions were held in single-family homes. However, soon after, the activity attracted the interest of many other local singers, until the “Cabragh Wetlands Choir” was finally formed.

Over time, while continuing his very popular pieces, more difficult works were launched, expanding the repertoire and allowing a number of public performances by the choir.

Virtual practices continued via “zoom” in 2021.
The choir can’t wait to resume their ‘in-house’ sessions before too long, when they welcome new members to the beautiful surroundings of Cabragh Wetlands.



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