Gallery: Navy conscripts complete basic training with 24 hours on a life raft | New


The exercise began with an emergency on Tuesday, when the conscripts had to abandon ship before swimming together to two life rafts on the water, the Estonian Defense Forces (EDF) headquarters described. in a press release.

Upon reaching the rafts, the conscripts had to apply all the skills they had learned over the previous four weeks, including pumping water from the rafts, assigning lookouts, and drying their clothes.

“24 hours is a long time, and that time should be used as sensibly as possible – not just waiting for rescuers to arrive,” said SCPO Tanel Võrk, director of the training course. “It is extremely important to make yourself as visible as possible to other ships and aircraft using supplies on the raft and skills learned previously. As it eventually begins to get cold and uncomfortable on the raft, it is also important to remember to support your comrades when the going gets tough.”

Twenty-four hours into the exercise, a rescue team from the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) arrived with a helicopter to evacuate the conscripts from the rafts and bring them ashore.

A total of 31 conscripts took part in the final exercise, all of whom were successful.

Basic naval training is organized by the Naval Training Establishment. The four-week training lasts four weeks and begins immediately after the EDF’s own basic training has been completed.

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