Gang member sentenced for shooting: report + events in the region


Welcome, Bridgeport. Here’s all the local news, events and community posts you need for Tuesday, February 8.

First, today’s weather forecast:

Humid in the morning, then windy. High: 43 Low: 26.

Here are the top stories in Bridgeport today:

  1. Bridgeport gang member involved in shootings convicted: The man will serve more than eight years in federal prison. (Bridgeport Daily Voice)
  2. Bridgeport Calendar of Events: Find out what’s happening this week: Looking for something to do this week? Check out these upcoming events in and around Bridgeport. (Bridgeport fix)
  3. Bridgeport jobs: find out who’s hiring in the area (Bridgeport fix)
  4. The life and legacy of the Bishop of Bridgeport, Jean Williams, lives on through the Pantry (News 12 Connecticut)
  5. Bridgeport woman helps local kids get new adaptive shoes (News 12 Connecticut)
  6. Bridgeport: Check out 5 nearby homes on the market (Bridgeport fix)
  7. Bridgeport appoints victim advocate and social services unit in Limbo (CTPost)

Today in Bridgeport:

  • Choir / Gospel Choir Music Room – Harding High School (2:30 p.m.)
  • *New Life Creation Club Room 110 – Harding High School (2:30 p.m.)
  • Spanish Heritage Club Room 218 – Harding High School (2:35pm)

From my notebook:

  • Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control: “CAT OF THE DAY! Kida! Kida is looking for a friend who can teach her the finer things in life…but at her own pace. She loves to curl up under her blanket and peek into the world, and if you don’t like it, I don’t mind that she’s the kitty…” (Facebook)
  • Bridgeport Public Library: “For Bridgeport history, see the Bridgeport History Center” (Facebook)
  • Bridgeport Public Library: “For Bridgeport history, see the Bridgeport History Center” (Facebook)
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control: “CAT OF THE DAY! Jack! Jack is very patient waiting for his forever home to find him – and so are we. But we think he’s waited long enough. He’s an independent, quirky kitten who would love to make a name for himself on your windowsill – he won…” (Facebook)
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control: “ZOEY (0356) Hi everyone, my name is Zoey! I’m an 8 month old shorthaired housekeeper. I’m a super playful young girl looking forward to meeting my forever family! Apps available here: bridgeportct .gov /animalcontrol All adoptions are in progress…” (Facebook)
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control: “Remember, despite the scary headlines, there are many steps you can take to coexist peacefully with wildlife! Never leave your dog unattended outside and be aware of local wildlife behavior, such as mating season coyotes.…” (Facebook)
  • Bridgeport Public Library: “This Thursday, join us for this exciting event with the Connecticut Historical Society celebrating Connecticut’s black history!” (Facebook)
  • Bridgeport YMCA: “Many people find it uncomfortable to introduce themselves, no matter how badly they want to meet people and make new friends. Here’s a tip: ask questions! For example: “How long have you been member of the Y?” #MondayMotivation #ForABet…” (Facebook)
  • Next door neighbor Michelle: “Mini yorkshire male – If you have a female and are looking for a purebred to mate your female with please contact me so we can keep a good breed around. Ronald 203 673 7526” (Nextdoor)
  • Next door neighbor, Garfield/Madison: “Cleaning. – Hi guys 👋 I’m Gessica, it’s great to be here! I work as a cleaning lady, if you need it, it will be a pleasure to help you.” (next door)
  • Next door neighbor, Garfield/Madison: “Hello Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital is a Nono these jerks don’t take good care of pets and can’t even operate properly they killed my daughter we are going to start a group of people we had promised good but went wrong, let’s go do this and put…” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor neighbor, Park Ave / Capitol Ave: “I’m looking for instruments that someone is willing to donate! – Thank you!” (next door)
  • Nextdoor neighbor, Bridgeport North End: “For Sale. – French Provincial Office. Ask for 200. call Alison 203-260-5960.” (next door)
  • Nextdoor neighbor, Maplewood/Colorado: “Anyone know of a weekend only job?? – I’m a college student looking for regular per diem Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays. I don’t drink or smoke so the tests drug tests are not a problem. I just totaled my car recently whether local or on a…” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor neighbor, Park Ave / Capitol Ave: “Check out my new group: Entrepreneurs – Anyone interested is welcome. Here is the link:” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor neighbor, Bridgeport North End: “RED NOSE PITBULL IS LOOKING FOR OWNER!!!!!!!! – Has anyone lost a pit bull or does anyone know who this beautiful dog belongs to. I don’t want to call animal control because they won’t treat him well. I’ll keep him at home until he…” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor neighbor, Bridgeport Northend: “Cleaning Service – Vanessa Joia (203)243-7694” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor neighbor, Bridgeport Northend: “Hello, – Our washer and dryer are currently in the kitchen. We want to install the hookup in the basement. Do you have any recommendations for someone who can change the hookups?” (next door)
  • Next door neighbor, south end: “A house is available for rent 62 Alstrum St, Hamden, CT 06514.. – So if anyone needs to let me know” (Nextdoor)
  • Next door neighbor, Charcoal Pond: “BlueJay at my feeder. – I just saw a Bluejay at my feeder, which prompted me to do a search. I found a very interesting page about them, some good, some not so good. But love to see them… ………” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor neighbor, Bridgeport Northend: “Cleaning Service – Vanessa Joia (203)243-7694” (Nextdoor)
  • Next door neighbor, Black Rock: “Anyone else hear gunshots at Black Rock? – It’s been two days in a row. It’s not fireworks, I used both.” (next door)
  • Next door neighbor, Trumbull: “Neighbors, friends, please look on my GoFundMe. – I have already raised $40. Thank you to these good caring ladies. I really appreciate it. Please take a moment to look on my GoFundMe account. I can really use your help . Thank you….” (next)

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