Government Calls In 1,684 Reservists For Okas 2021 Instant Training Exercise | News


On the proposal of Estonian Defense Force Commander Martin Herem, 1,636 reservists, mainly from engineering units, will be included in the exercise, which will take place from 17 to 25 November.

The goal of Okas (meaning “Feather”) is to check the combat readiness of the national defense chain of command. It will range from government decision-making to bringing reservists together in the rapid reaction structure.

Reservists will also build temporary border fences in areas of the eastern border that were previously used by organized crime to facilitate illegal migration.

Cooperation with the Police and Border Guard Council (PPA) will be practiced.

Elmar Vaher, director general of the PPA, said Estonia’s security outlook had not changed and there was no immediate threat of migrants arriving at the border.

“What is happening in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia also requires strengthening of the border infrastructure in Estonia, which is why the PPA proposed to the government to speed up the construction of the border,” he said.

“We are moving forward with the construction of the state border urgently, as it is the most important effort to prevent mass immigration. Security experts say pressure from migrants will remain a hybrid warfare tactic for years to come. “

On Monday, the government security committee agreed to submit a proposal to the government for a temporary razor wire barrier on Estonia’s eastern border.

Snap exercises have been carried out at least once a year since 2016.

Russian-Estonian border in southern Estonia. Source: Leevi Lillemäe / ERR

Okas is being held in the context of the migrant crisis on the Belarus-Poland border. There have been discussions in recent days about how Estonia might defend itself if migrants attempt to cross the border from Russia. It has been said that this will involve the construction of a temporary border fence.

Latvia is also organizing military exercises on its border with Belarus, public broadcaster LSM reported this week.

Estonian reservists whose units are participating in the exercise should proceed immediately to the meeting point indicated in the call. Reservists can check if they are included in further training from the conscript register here.

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