GRiZ Aims for Safer Events by Launching Risk Reduction Program –


GRiZ is launching a new harm reduction program, Harmony Project.

The program was created in partnership with industry safety leaders DanceSafe and Good Night Out Vancouver. The Harmony Project’s mission, according to its founders, is to make electronic music events safer on all fronts. They broke it down into three key pillars: care, community and consent.

The first pillar asks everyone to check in with friends and strangers to make sure everyone is taking care of themselves and those around them. This means drinking water, resting and making sure the place is maintained as well.

The second pillar encourages participants to visit the Harmony Project booth and improve their harm reduction skills, including feeling comfortable asking for help. The final canon reinforces the long-standing norm of respecting each other’s boundaries.

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“Drug-related medical incidents and sexual assault are both pervasive and far too common in our world, and I want to do everything I can to alleviate this,” GRiZ wrote on social media. “You are all my family. Let’s all do our part to protect each other.”

Learn more about Harmony Project, set to launch at GRiZMAS in July, below.




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