IMPACT, IMPALA’s training and climate standards project gets off to a good start


BRUSSELS, Belgium (CelebrityAccess) – European trade association of independent labels IMPALA has announced the activation of its new training and climate standards project IMPACTS.

The project, which has been funded by the European Union, aims to extend climate awareness to independent music companies in the region, helping them reduce their impact on anthropogenic climate change.

The project builds on IMPALA’s existing environmental work, which includes practical advice already developed for its nearly 6,000 members, music SMEs and independent artists, as well as tools such as a bespoke carbon calculator, developed with Julie’s Bicycle, which allows members to track their own carbon footprint.

The IMPACTS project will provide climate literacy training by international and local experts, in six territories across Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, Balkans, Finland, Denmark).

The training, delivered through a series of webinars, will include guidance on using the Carbon Calculator, encouraging capacity building in the sector and supporting IMPALA members in green recovery actions .

The first webinar kicks off on September 29, with programming designed for members of VUT, the German Association of Independent Music Entrepreneurs.

IMPACTS will also seek to develop a framework to begin examining how industry-wide benchmarks and standards could be developed, led by IMPALA’s climate analysis group, with input from climate experts at Julie’s Bicycle and Thema 1, which will meet on a monthly basis. all along the project.

IMPALA will also support the project through a social media campaign, highlighting positive stories and best practices, as a catalyst for further change promoting climate optimism and the value of individual and collective action.

“It is great to see that this EU-funded call recognized the value of this project by awarding it the highest points among all submitted projects and considered it a first step in the promotion of knowledge and the establishment of sectoral standards across Europe. We hope that IMPACTS will serve as a basis for other climate projects on a larger scale and with the appropriate support from EU bodies, at political and financial level. as well,” said Helen Smith of IMPALA.

“Carbon accounting should be as simple as possible and accessible to all businesses across Europe. That’s why we built the first bespoke carbon calculator for independent music houses with Julie’s Bicycle. IMPACTS will help us start rolling out the tool and testing climate preparedness in different territories,” added Horst Weidenmüller, Chair of IMPALA’s Sustainability Task Force and CEO of !K7.


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