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Loan for proof – what is it, for whom, how to borrow?

Applying for a loan or credit involves the need to meet certain requirements, provide documents indicated by the financing institution. The scope of the latter may be different – the bank may ask for a statement of earnings or, e.g. But there are also institutions that provide so-called loans for proof. What characterizes this solution? Who can get such a loan?

What is an ID loan?

What is an ID loan?

A loan for proof, i.e. a loan without certificates, is very popular and often chosen by borrowers – natural persons and sole proprietorships . A loan without certificates can be obtained by any adult who has an ID card. The borrower’s minimum and maximum ages are determined by the internal procedures of the loan companies. Customers appreciate this solution due to the speed of the process and the lack of need to provide additional substantiating documents. After all, we usually carry the evidence with us, and for example, we need to go to our workplace for a salary certificate.

Minimal formalities

A loan for proof is a product without additional procedures, i.e. without certificates confirming the source and amount of income. For some loan companies, it is allowed to combine income, i.e. a statement of the sum of the borrower’s income from all acceptable sources of income, e.g. employment contract and 500+. A customer running a sole proprietorship may apply for a loan based on the first day of business. Any borrower can take out a loan as proof, provided that it meets other requirements imposed by the lender.

Proof alone may not be enough – the lender assesses your creditworthiness

Just having an ID card will not always make the lender pay the loan amount you need. Although loan companies do not require certification, they adopt their procedures , check selected databases and assess whether the commitment will not place an excessive burden on the client’s budget.

Advantages of the solution

The most important advantage of a loan for proof, i.e. for a statement, are kept to a minimum of formalities. For example, you do not need an income certificate or statements. A loan based on a statement, i.e. proof, can be used for any purpose. The borrower who applies for a product as proof may receive from several hundred zlotys to several dozen thousand zlotys. The proof products have a large amount range. The borrower’s registration does not affect the loan offer. Check-in can be permanent or temporary. A loan as a proof without certificates is characterized by high availability, quick and free cash withdrawal. The borrower may have a specific number of loans per statement at a given financial institution.

The best solution

If the customer thinks about additional funds for any purpose, the best solution are loans for proof without statements on the statement. Why? First of all, due to the fast process and considerable product availability. The client does not have to complete documents, ask the employer for a statement of earnings, generate account statements, which may be required in some processes. All he needs is to come with a document confirming his identity and to start the loan application process.

Loan for proof with an agent

Loan for proof with an Agent

The credit agent cooperating has a lot of products in its sales system that give you the opportunity to receive financing as proof. The Agent’s process is classic and known to many – it is enough for the Customer to show their identity card and the Agent confirms his identity. The Agent will then ask you to provide some data necessary to send the application to the institution. The client’s standard is consent to verification in databases, data processing and marketing. Consents can be either read by the Agent or the Customer signs the relevant document or confirms via SMS. The agent sends the application and receives a decision for the client along with the offer in his sales system. He presents it to the client. If the Customer accepts, the Agent prints the contract from the sales system and signs with the Customer. Then it scans the contract into the system and the Institution, seeing the scan, launches the loan.

Online proof loan

Online proof loan

Due to the low procedural complexity, a loan for proof can also be taken in many companies via the Internet. Then we go to the lender’s website and complete the application. Then the institution must confirm our identity. How will he do that? By means of a PLN transfer or kontomatik. What are these forms of identity verification, we have already written on our blog. We send the application to the Institution and get the decision along with the offer in the lender’s application. If we accept the offer, we will be asked to sign the contract electronically. After completing this action, the Institution will withdraw funds.