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A TEAM of trainers and assessors from Port Macquarie-Hastings NSW SES put their skills to the test and completed a week-long training and support mission to Lord Howe Island. The team of Katie Blake, Michael Ward, Alfred Portenschlager, Jared Bradley and Will Steggall are all experienced operators overseeing a team of general land rescue operators, three vertical rescue operators and four flood rescue technicians. The week included a variety of challenging training scenarios, first aid training, unit inventories, new member onboarding programs, a chainsaw course, and tsunami awareness conversations with other departments of island emergency. Each day, challenging training scenarios were put in place for members of SES Lord Howe Island to maintain their skills, learn new techniques and familiarize new members with the equipment available on the island. Rescue scenarios included a person trapped under a vehicle requiring the use of pack and jack techniques, a road accident scenario which required removal of the sides and roof using their combination tool, a application to search for a missing visitor and their two-year-old son on Stephen’s reservation, as well as the installation and use of their Larkin frame for a simulated flanking injured person recovery a steep slope. As part of the ongoing interagency relationship with the island, the Lord Howe Island Board weed team participated in a professional development day with the SES. SES trainers in Port Macquarie spent the day providing first aid and CPR training, teaching the weed crew how to pack casualties ready for transport and how to use the SES mule. The ‘weeders’ have also gained experience using edge management rope systems to aid in weeding along some of the steeper slopes of Lord Howe Island. While on Lord Howe Island, the SES team at Port Macquarie took on the challenge of climbing the 876 meters of Mount Gower to check and resupply the two emergency rescue caches deployed several years ago. The team also enjoyed a picnic with spectacular views of the island from atop Mount Gower, before tackling the descent of the mountain. A real-life scenario arose after a nighttime storm knocked down a tree blocking a resident’s access to their home. This provided the perfect opportunity for the SES to assist locals and complete their Chainsaw Course assessment, cleaning up the fallen tree on Saturday morning and demonstrating the practical skills learned from being part of the NSW SES. As part of the visit, Local Commander Tim Solomon and members of the Port Macquarie unit liaised with other key island stakeholders such as police, maritime rescue, welfare, the local hospital, doctor, pharmacist and Lord Howe Island Council. . They spoke about tsunami awareness, emergency evacuation and recovery plans, as well as the continued support and availability of SES members from Port Macquarie to provide vertical rescue capabilities or to assist after tsunamis. or severe storms. This training trip provided ongoing support and training to the Lord Howe Island unit and community groups, and solidified the friendships made during the deployment of former Tropical Cyclone Uesi, where members of Port Macquarie participated in the cleanup in February 2020. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: Bookmark our website Make sure you’re signed up for our last minute and regular newsletters You can support us with a subscription Follow us on Twitter: @portmacnews Follow us on Instagram: @portmacnews Follow us on Google News



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