Queen’s Platinum Jubilee events in Cornwall and things to do, from big parties to picnics in the park


Music gala day planned at Eden Project

The Eden Project is planning a grand Platinum Jubilee Special luncheon on Sunday, June 5 (Image: MARK PASSMORE/APEX)

The Eden Project in Cornwall will come to life with a gala day of music, performance, food and entertainment on Sunday June 5 to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

To mark this monumental occasion, Eden opens its doors and invites people and communities to come and enjoy a day together as part of the Big Jubilee Lunch.

Visitors will be greeted by the colorful sight of streamers and flags, setting the stage for a fun-filled day of live entertainment, craft activities and games.

Among the entertainment on offer in the Arena area of ​​the site are a samba band, a circus performer, bubble artists and a 30-piece marching band. Plus, live music will add to the captivating ambience of the Mediterranean biome.

Visitors are encouraged to participate in the Big Jubilee Lunch by bringing their own food and enjoying a picnic with family, friends and community. They can either grab a chair at a long table in the center of the arena or choose a spot on one of the picnic blankets provided.

Alternatively, there are also a limited number of special Jubilee Picnic Boxes available to pre-order now via the Eden Project website. Visitors can choose between a standard or herbal box. Both options are made for two people to share and cost £32.50.

Headlining a host of craft activities, you have the chance to be part of something special by participating in a giant 3D paint by number. Visitors will help transform the black and white street party scene into a bustling Big Lunch work of art bursting with color.

There’s also the option to make Jubilee-themed magnets in the shape of wreaths, corgis and flags or join the collaborative streamer-making station and create a square of paper to form a long line of beautiful streamers to wrap around the Core building.

Additionally, visitors can also craft stars out of seeds which can then be gifted to family, friends or neighbors. Starseeds are a fun way to brighten up an area, creating pops of color while providing pollinator-friendly habitats.

Other activities taking place on the big day include a series of four games where players can learn to support pollinators, chalk drawing and a fun photo booth to pose like a royal.

The Big Jubilee Lunch is the culmination of a week-long celebration of bees, nature and communities for May’s midterm. As such, additional activities will be available including the Create a Pollination Buzz Trail in the Outdoor Gardens of Eden, where visitors can discover fascinating stories about plants and pollinators and a game booklet designed to search for bird-loving flowers in the mediterranean biome.

Peter Stewart, Chief Purpose Officer of The Eden Project, said: “We are truly honored to have the Big Jubilee Lunch officially part of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. This year promises to be the biggest and best Big Lunch ever and Eden will be at the very heart of the festivities.

“We look forward to welcoming the community from all over to Eden on Sunday, June 5th, for what promises to be a special occasion to bring people together, share food and friendship and commemorate 70 years of Her Majesty’s devoted service.”


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