Read here: Full list of guests to perform at St. Lucia Jazz Events

Read here: Full list of guests to perform at St. Lucia Jazz Events

Castries, Saint Lucia: The Government of Saint Lucia has shared an update on events and various guests performing at the Jazz Theater and Creole Jazz beginning May 27, 2022.

Here is the complete list of Creole Jazz participants:

An actor trained in dance and theater with various local theater groups. She has taken on roles such as social commentator, set designer, activity coordinator and performer employed in the hospitality industry at the prestigious Sandals Resort Intl.

She holds the title of Madame Kweyol 2017 (a show organized and held by Sandals Grande SLU) and Queen of Gros Islet 2018. Certified in leadership and management at UWI’s open campus, she now holds the position of announcer at power 97.9FM.

At 31, she is the CEO of a printing company called Eye Candy.

Neicer will perform at Jazz Sampler on Friday, May 27 at Sandals Grande.

  • Dane Jacobs – a multi-talented person, best described as “quite the character‘.

After graduating as valedictorian of his year at Leon Hess, where he also sang the farewell song alongside a classmate and friend, he pursued an education and career in the culinary arts. This, however, never diminished his love and passion for music, literature, theater arts and all outlets for the expression of imagination and creativity.

Having served in choirs, kitchens and on stage, keeping his fingers in different jars that bring joy to himself and others, he hopes to bless the world with the blessings he has received.

Let’s welcome Dane to the Jazz Sampler stage on Friday, May 27

Jaz Sampler presents the Jazz after Dark series.

Friday, May 27 at Sandals, Grande is owned by Robert Renee. His love for music started when he joined the National Youth Choir. He wrote several songs, including “Easy to love”.

When Robert is not singing, he is actively involved in volunteering.

Music teacher, songwriter, actor and singer, Robert will certainly entertain you during a captivating evening of theater and jazz.

Welcome to Jazz season with the legendary Luther François.

He is a widely known and respected musician from Saint Lucia as a composer/arranger, educator and performer. His main instruments today are the saxophone and the flute, but his first band experience was on the acoustic bass.

Luther has produced several CDs and today presents excerpts from a body of work that continues to grow. He lives in Martinique, where he continues to make a valuable contribution to the development of the region’s musician.

Let’s welcome Luther to the Jazz Sampler stage on Saturday, May 28

Arthur Allain is an incredibly gifted singer-songwriter from our beautiful island of Saint Lucia.

Born April 4, 1991 to parents Glen and Sabina Allain of Soufrière. Arthur went on to become one of the most prominent Soca artists on the island, creating history by becoming a FIVE TIMES undefeated Groovy Soca monarch.

A versatile musician, Arthur is also the vocalist and bandleader of the band EvaLucian, producer, CEO and owner of Major Records, Rock the A merchandise, and is also a long-time teacher.

Don’t miss Arthur on May 28!

  • Let’s meet the multi-talented Curmiah Lisette.

Curmiah Lisette is a poet, educator and performer from the southeast coast of Saint Lucia. She is a past two-time recipient of St. Lucia’s Outstanding Youth in Literary Arts and Performing Arts awards and comes from a diverse creative background in dance, acting, pageantry and modeling. His multimodal poetic performances and his award-winning poetic short films continue to appear on international stages.

As a poet-educator, Curmiah is an advocate for wellness and spiritual health, modeling her practice in her own life. She uses her Masters in Creative Writing and Education and her Creative Healing Certification to lead personal development, writing and wellness workshops for adults and children internationally, in creative, educational and business spaces. business.

  • Let’s welcome panist Krystal Nestor to the Jazz Sampler stage on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

Considered by many to be the deepest steel pan player on the island and an ambassador for the island, she will blow your mind with her exceptional skill.

Krystal plays all over the island and won’t disappoint at this year’s Creole Jazz.

  • Teddyson John Creme De La Creme

Well known to many as “Teddy” or “TJ”, he is an award-winning singer, multi-talented musician, born entertainer and Groovy Soca Monarch winner among many other titles that make us wonder how anyone can one be so extraordinary and yet remain so humble.

Teddy comes from a spiritual home and realized his love for music at the age of six. He sang in junior church choirs and in children’s plays, which later led to his very first recording – a gospel song called “Sweeter”. With a serious love for Gospel, R&B and Jazz music, which continues to influence his sound to this day, Teddy decided in 2007 to enter the soca arena and won the first ever St Lucia Groovy Soca title. Monarch with his song “Coming down the road”.

Today he is considered one of the most consistent and versatile soca artists, delivering hit after hit over the years and also becoming a household name after the release of his 2015 single “Allez” which took over the carnival circuit and still is to this day. a well-known crowd favourite. The success of the single also made him the first soca artist from Saint Lucia to reach one million views on You Tube, introducing him to the mecca of soca music, Trinidad and Tobago and the international soca scene.

Teddy will be on the Jazz Sampler stage on Saturday May 28 and will offer us Creole Jazz, an evening not to be missed.

One of the most sought after hairdressers on the island.

He left the bright lights of London behind and opened his Phase 1 salon in Saint Lucia, and has a very successful business. Her work is a unique blend of Afro and European Fusion hair designs. When Emile isn’t exhibiting his cutting-edge and coloring techniques in his living room, his passion for creativity extends to writing and recording songs, writing poetry, and directing. spoken word events. etc

Let’s welcome Emile to the Jazz Sampler stage on Friday May 27 – Sandals Grande.

Aneshar Antoine is the singer with Mamay La Caye at the Jazz Sampler on Saturday May 28 – Sandals Grande.

Her music career started professionally with Wezon Band, and her passion for music is what keeps her on the path to success.

Aneshar, a teacher by profession, is also a dancer and actor. She has sung with most of the music industry giants like Deredee Willams- Barbara Cadet to name a few.

Through music, Anesha aims to please and make every performance a fun and memorable experience.

Let’s welcome Aneshar to the Jazz Sampler stage with Mamay La Caye..


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