RNLI water safety and lifesaving training provided to businesses on the River Clyde


Glasgow businesses along the River Clyde are being offered potentially life-saving water safety and rescue training under a new initiative.

The RNLI is partnering with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) with the Waterside Responder initiative to better prepare employees of local businesses to be able to respond to potential incidents in the water.

Training will be provided on the dangers of cold water and participants will be provided with the knowledge and equipment necessary to help rescue people safely in the event of difficulty in the water.

The program will teach local employees how to use a throw bag and what to do when people are in distress in or near water.

The potentially life-saving throw bags, a 20-metre buoyant line used to pull a victim to safety, will be provided to all relevant businesses.

Recently, the RNLI has been leading sessions for SFRS members, who will then also contribute to transmitting the association’s training and messages to these businesses and local residents.

Michael Avril, RNLI Water Safety Manager for Scotland, said: “This partnership approach to water safety has allowed us to work with the emergency services to deliver a Waterside course Meet Glasgow’s key businesses along the River Clyde.

“Staff at these sites will now be better prepared to respond to incidents in the Clyde.

“They are the ones most likely to be there when the risk of an accident is highest. It could be someone seemingly innocent taking a bath and suffering from cold water shock, or an accident where someone never intended to be in the water.

“The idea is that these companies will be able to encourage good behavior in these environments by giving the public knowledge and advice, as well as helping if someone gets into trouble.”


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