The first NFL training camp opens Wednesday in Las Vegas as the Raiders put the crazy 2021 season behind them


Alan Snel of

Man, the Las Vegas Raiders have had a crazy season in 2021, overcoming all types of off-court turmoil and front office turnover to qualify for the playoffs.

This season, you get the feeling things have calmed down for this controversial NFL franchise.

Well, for now, anyway.

The National Football League’s first training camp to officially open a store was held right here in Las Vegas, where veteran Raiders players checked in with the franchise at its Henderson headquarters.

Rookies reported Monday and veterans showed up Wednesday, when media covering this well-known brand of an NFL team asked offensive lineman John Simpson, defensive end Maxx Crosby, linebacker Denzel Perryman and wide receiver Hunter Renfrow.

The first was Simpson, a guard picked by the Raiders in 2020 at Clemson.

Simpson was polite and sure with his answers.

“It’s high expectations every year for every team” was a typical quip from the young lineman.

“It’s definitely high energy everywhere we go in this building,” Simpson said.

After Simpson answered questions for eight minutes, the popular Crosby walked into the Raiders’ media room at team headquarters. The media room is on the side of the impressive Raiders base, not far from the St/Rose Parkway-Starr Avenue intersection. You don’t even have to enter the building as reporters entered through a side door.

The Crosby guy played down the preseason hype surrounding the Raiders.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Crosby told Raiders media. “Pre-season hype is pre-season hype.”

Crosby, who can get pretty intense on game day, answered questions for 13 minutes before leaving the room.

“After the Bengals (playoff game), I was still doing my normal routines,” Crosby pointed out.

Perryman, the 240-pound linebacker, followed and he’s a funny guy.

The first day of training camp was like “the first day of school, starting over”.

He laughed at a question about his contract, joking, “I knew it was coming.” Perryman told his agent about the contract matter.

Perryman’s Q&A lasted a total of five minutes before it was released.

And if there’s ever an average-looking guy who can easily serve as a church choir, it’s the humble Renfrow, who had a stellar year as a catcher in 2021.

Renfrow spoke of “focusing on selflessness” and how he relies on his religious faith to stay grounded.

And at 11:31 a.m., the media session was over.


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