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Leadership is important for any club or organization if it is to survive. Good leaders are the soul of an organization.

Being a leader is not an easy task. A leader must have a vision; inspire others; always be there for their members; promote effective plans; use resources; improve errors; and much more.

Those selected for leadership positions are encouraged to attend leadership workshops to prepare them for their specific tasks.

This commitment requires a lot of dedication, as it could mean that they will have to give up time with their family due to travel to other cities and states. Their professional careers may require them to juggle their schedules in order to be able to meet the demands of their managerial position.

It can also be expensive: travel expenses, hotel accommodation, registration, meals, clothing, etc.

The organizations I am affiliated with, such as Delta Kappa Gamma and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, annually sponsor leadership workshops for their leaders at the local, state, regional and national levels. Workshops typically last from one to four days.

These workshops are available for presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, secretaries, parliamentarians, community service project presidents, board members and more. Some leadership workshops are open to all club members, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the organization’s requirements for potential leaders.

What characteristics do clubs and organizations consider when selecting leaders?

  • Good leaders are decisivemaking decisions with deadlines encourages members to follow through with confidence.
  • Good leaders are passionate and know what their priorities are. They care about what they do and about the organization.
  • Good leaders are humble and connected with others. They remain willing to take responsibility for their actions and don’t point fingers at people when the going gets tough.
  • They communicate effectively and are good listeners. Sharing thoughts and ideas facilitates the achievement of a common goal of an organization. Communication is the basis of success and can help in the planning and execution of tasks.
  • They are enthusiastic! A good leader energizes other members.
  • They extend credit where credit is due. A good leader appreciates hard work and achievement. Leaders know that success comes through teamwork and they respect every contribution.

Being a good leader takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice. I have known several women who have spent 30 to 50 years leading their organizations.

Members of any club or organization should strive to help leaders use their talents in the best possible way.


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