Why choir competitions give off the same energy as major sporting events



World Choir Games 2018 (Photo © Nolte Photography)

The World Choir Games bring all the excitement and unity of a major sporting event to the host city through song

“When a choir sings it’s great, when two choirs sing together it’s better, but when you have like in these INTERKULTUR events with several choirs, then there is an energy that comes from it, which is unlike anything else. other, except maybe a big sporting event “- John Rutter, composer (Great Britain).

Choral competitions bring out a feeling that cannot really be found anywhere else, except perhaps at a major sporting event like the Olympics. And that’s why the World Choir Games started out in the first place to give singing its own big event – bringing the excitement and unity we feel at major sporting events in the singing world.

Since 1988, the German company INTERKULTUR has been organizing international choral competitions and festivals; since 2000, they have organized the largest international choir competition in the world: the World Choral Games, also known as the Olympics of choral music. But at each of the individual INTERKULTUR events – whether it is a smaller regional event or a large choir competition with over 20,000 participants – participants and organizers can witness the same: the choir competitions create a special atmosphere.

And that is why in 2022 INTERKULTUR is doing something big again. Sing for Gold – The Choral World Cup will take place in Calella / Barcelona. This is an exciting addition to the World Choir Games, and another opportunity to see a global community of choirs compete in this new competition with a clear reference to the world of sport: this new event will feature choirs from all over the world, all vying for the very first Choir World Cup!

And, when you start to think about the world of sports and competitive singing, you find a lot of similarities. Maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising that they offer such a similar feeling.

The sport of song

Anyone who has sung in a choir knows that this is truly a once in a lifetime experience. When your voice joins with others, following music that you have been practicing together for a long time, the magic happens. You start to get lost in the activity, and for a while the group functions as one.

This sense of community is special. This is largely why choral music will always be an important part of the art and culture of mankind.

And anyone who has been involved in team sports knows that this same feeling can show up on the field (or on the court, or wherever the game is played). Playing together with a common goal brings teams together. There are times in a game when the team is completely engrossed in the act of seeking victory, working as one. Again, it’s magic.

Part of the unity in choral singing and team sports comes from the physicality of the two. Singing at a high level is a full body workout, and in a choir you need to match your performance to that of others. It’s really physically demanding like any sport, pushing singers to take good care of their bodies.

And there is an even greater kind of unity starting to form both in competitive choral singing and in sport. Because there are people in the galleries who are attached to the action.

You can really feel it at the World Choir Games. The spectators come to see the success of the choir of their country. It’s not that they want someone to lose, it’s that they feel a certain pride in the singers of their country. And who can deny that the same is true of the world of sport?

Go team, go!

To feel all this connection to others is the essence of what it means to be human. We connect with an important part of ourselves that is often missing from much of our daily life.

And when you add competition to the mix, the excitement that can erupt is sheer joy.

At the World Choir Games, as in any sport, competition drives the action. It gives people purpose and forces them to be better than they’ve ever been before. And that creates a framework for understanding exactly what you need to do to be successful.

For spectators, a competition gives us a direct way to understand when something good is happening for our team, and when something bad is happening. And this allows us all to cheer as one.

It’s like a dramatic machine – instantly producing emotional ups and downs that we all feel together.

Electricity in the air

These characteristics clearly show that competitive singing and sports have a lot in common. And events like the next one SING FOR GOLD – The Choral World Cup 2022 in Calella / Barcelona or on World Choral Games and its World Choral Olympic Movement promise to deliver the same thrills as the next big sporting event.

Go visit www.worldofchoirs.com to find out how you can organize a big choral event in your host city with the same energy and the same emotions as any big sporting event!



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