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December has been a very exciting month, with various events related to holidays and the like.

For starters, the principal students of the month on campus are Derek Williams and Thomas Shepherd.

Chris Clift, choir director, said many students auditioned and participated in the All-East TN Honor Choirs. The students who participated in the freshman choir are Jackson Lotter, Dakota Shallcross, Sierra Shallcross, and Jacob Turner. Those in the 10-12 backing vocals were Lucy George, Skyler Justice and TJ Williams; Jaidyn Hoenie was a substitute. Additionally, some students have qualified for the TN All-State Choirs, including Skylar Justice and TJ Williams, with alternates Lucy George and Dana Patterson. In addition, the choral department organized a concert on December 13th.

On Thursday, December 2, a school-wide ugly sweater contest was held. In total, 48 teachers and 51 students had their photos taken to be able to vote. The next day, December 3, students and teachers had the opportunity to vote for their favorite ugly sweater in the teacher and student categories. The winning student was Noah Pratts and the winning teacher was Elise Harris.

Throughout the month, different clubs and groups performed at Christmas parades, including the Marching Band program, in which members performed in the Gatlinburg Parade, and the Dance Team, in which members performed. during the Maryville, Knoxville and Friendsville parades.

Finally, on the last regular day of school, Tuesday, December 14, many teachers dressed up as various Christmas movie characters to spread the holiday cheer around the school.

Emily Whitehead is the William Blount High School correspondent.



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