Yakima Mission Director Offers Special Tactical Training


The executive director of the Yakima Union Gospel Mission said he wanted to help Yakima residents protect themselves and others after two recent nationwide shootings. Mike Johnson says he decided to run a tactical workshop based on his past life and experience as a US Army Ranger.

Training is set for Saturday, August 13 at Yakima’s Stone Church

“This recent shooting at an Indiana mall was stopped by a citizen carrying a concealed gun,” Johnson says. “Our community guardians may not have badges. Uvalde Texas showed us that the police needed more tactical training. How much more is this true for an armed citizen? The training is scheduled for Saturday, August 13 at the Yakima Stone Church at 3303 Englewood Drive. Johnson says he will spend more than 8 hours that day training up to 20 community members.

The intensive training will use the stone church building

“This is not defensive firearms training,” the former 2nd Battalion Ranger stressed. “It’s an offensive tactical engagement. If you’re the first to engage an active shooter, you need basic combat training. It sounds awful, but it really is. Johnson says it will be an intensive training course with a plan to move throughout the building in a series of drills and drills.

The training is open to anyone with a CPL and more specifically church security

The day is open to anyone with a concealed gun license, but Johnson says priority placement will be given to people who serve as church security volunteers. “Churches with armed security volunteers also need certain policies. We will also have samples of these to share,” says Johnson. Training begins at 7:30 a.m. and continues throughout the day. The cost is $100. We encourage you to bring a lunch as the cost does not cover food.

Register today only 20 places are open

“The Rangers creed includes the words ‘I will defeat my enemy for I am better trained and I will fight with all my might,’ Johnson adds. “The trained beat the untrained. So let’s give our community guardians the knowledge they need.
If you are interested in training, contact Mike Johnson at 509-317-1717 or email him at [email protected]

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